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Cooling down, one gelato at a time

Cooling down, one gelato at a time

My journey through Spain is coming to an end, on Tuesday I fly out to Dublin to meet up with Gesa whom I haven’t seen for 8 years! My first impressions of Spain were slightly different than expected, I’m not quite sure what I anticipated, flamingo dancers twirling down the streets to the songs of Spanish guitar perhaps…? Not quite… but I must admit the buildings have been the main thing to blow me away so far, all the trilly bits and little terraces on every house, not to mention the history everywhere. The other day I was walking around Roman ruins with a maze of underground tunnels and little secret passage ways trying to imagine what it would have been like for the Romans.


And of course the beaches here are stunning too, golden fine sand and warm waters stretching on for miles, freedom to sunbath topless, and freshly BBQ corn…ammm yes please!



mmmmmm I loves me some corn

So far I think the prettiest city is Valencia, which is framed by a narrow dried river bed, now a lush park, that hugs the inner city all the way down to the white sand beaches stretching on for miles. There is something very romantic about the little marbled alleyways and soft street lights, the city that paella came from, so dinning out was a must.




As with most travel, food has been a main part of my experience, while Kate was with me we tried a variety of tapas, and Spanish breads and meats. However as the weeks have gone on, I find myself craving vegetables, and just anything but ham, cheese in a hard bread roll!  

One of my favorite parts of travelling is finding out the weird and wonderful things about a culture that is absolutely normal to them. Ham for instance, is EVERYWHERE. There are whole shops dedicated to it and you can even buy it in a cone. Often you see just legs of ham hanging almost like decorative pieces in a shop or restaurant, but I’m not complaining, I freaking love ham! However then there are the gelato flavours…. And the plants they try and sell tourists…


Ham in a cone

Take a closure look at these flavours... Salmon, Tomato, some sort of fish, tortilla...

Take a closure look at these flavours… Salmon, Tomato, some sort of fish, tortilla…

Boob plant

Boob plant

"Pussy flower"

“Pussy flower”

photo 5

Travelling by myself has been an interesting experience, I’ve had some strange moments where I found myself sitting in my motel room eating pickles and watching a Spanish cowboy movie (in Spanish). Or when I thought it was a great idea to walk 8km to find a castle (Turns out left to my own devices I go for epic walks).Or when I decided to treat myself to getting a taxi and the driver had a full body twitch, where he jumped out of his seat every 10 seconds.

Then there are the funny food moments, when I ordered a donor kebab and it came in a basket and had a fork in it and I sat there thinking “How the hell do I eat this?” or the time I bought eggs from the supermarket with great plans to have them for breakfast, only to find out when I went to crack them , they were all pre-boiled! Breakfast fail.

I’m surprised I haven’t been run over yet as I am constantly checking for traffic in the wrong direction! I feel like I have finally settled into the groove of being a solo traveler though and my confidence in meeting new people has improved. I have hung out with some really cool people from all different parts of the world and we have done some cool things together. 

 I have had a few big nights out ending up in random bars and bad discotechs, often shocked at how short some of those denim cut off shorts go. “Hey girl want some shorts with that ass?”.


I’ve seen some awesome stuff that is still digesting in my brain, grand cathedrals and castles, huge aquariums, the Sagrada Familia, been on gondolier rides over the city and walked through miles of little side streets dotted with crumbling bricks and political street art. 

For now I bid you adieu or rather hasta luego while I prepare for my next round of adventures! 


Love you all!

xx Sarah 

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