Barcelona street art

I never quite made it to the street art tour, but the countless miles and side alleyways I walked through I still managed to find quite a lot! 

P1000566 P1000569 P1000574 P1000602 P1000603 P1000620 P1000621 P1000622 P1000623 P1000624 P1000655 P1000655e P1000659 P1000660 P1000661 P1000662 P1000663 P1000665 P1000833 P1000838 P1000839 P1000841 P1000842 P1000844 P1000845 P1000846 P1000847 P1000848 P1000849 P1000850 P1000851 P1000852 P1000853 P1000854 P1000855 P1000856

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