The Island of Ireland!

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

I’ve had a few people tell me that Ireland is quite similar to New Zealand, normally in terms of how green they both are.  I can see where they are coming from in some aspects, however there is something different about the green here, it feels older, darker like it has a history and that perhaps if you looked very closely you may stumble across a fairy or two.

Connemara Gardens

Connemara Gardens

It is no understatement when people say Ireland is a very green country though, even Dublin, the biggest city is ample in lush bushes and trees and dark murky green canals.

Dublin Canal

Dublin Canal

Arriving in Dublin, Gesa and I both were surprised at how small it felt, more like a big town. All the buildings were low and we managed to get around the city centre within the first day. It had a very relaxed feeling about it, and everyone we met was very friendly (staying true to their reputation). However the underbelly of drunks and drug addicts was very apparent too. People begging and stumbling over the streets with homemade tattoos on their faces and bodies slurring and swearing at god knows who.

Gesa's happy "I like horses" face

Gesa’s happy “I like horses” face

We did our touristic duties and went on the walking tour, which was very informative, followed by a pub crawl that was slightly disappointing. And of course how could we skip a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, which was pretty much a shrine/ birth place of Guinness. I found it was better than expected, with a tasting room that felt like something out of Willy Wonker! I’m not the biggest fan of this drink,  however I must say the pints I’ve had here in Ireland have been the smoothest and creamiest I have ever had.

Smelly vapor in Tasting room

Smelly vapor in Tasting room

By far the highlight of my trip so far was the bus ride from Galway to Doolin, rolling green hills, with crumbling castles scattered throughout. White wash houses and long narrow stone walls keeping in the Oscar and Gromit looking sheep. The constant rain/shine blessed us with multiple rainbows and and as we got closer to the West coast the hills turned to stony outcrops that almost looked like a sea of purple flowers in the shadows. Arriving the Doolin, Gesa and I both knew instantly that we loved this place. The hills, the sea the true rustic feel of it all. To top it off the pub dinner was a perfect combination of fresh, delicious and massive, leaving us with full tummy’s to enjoy the live music on offer!

Softest grass ever on Cliffs of Moher walk

Softest grass ever on Cliffs of Moher walk


Grass angels

We have toured around quite a fair bit of the West coast and have truly experience Irish weather ( and I thought Auckland was changeable!) So always armed with an umbrella we explored the likes of the pretty seaside town of Galway, toured around towards Clifden and of course popped into many a local pub! 


Tomorrow we jet off for the Great land of Scot, Ireland has surpassed our expectations and has been truly magical! Unfortunately we have cut it too fine to really explore Cork today/tomorrow but I’m sure it’s not going anywhere! 

More photies to come people, have just gone a tad snap happy and now need to sort though them! Miss you all, miss having a wardrobe… but loving the beauty that is filling my head and eyes on a daily basis! 


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