The lasses do Scotland

Currency confusion

Currency confusion

It’s pretty hard not to fall in love with Edinburgh, the town centre is filled with old smokey coloured buildings, cathedrals, rolling hills and of course the castle overlooking the entire city. Fortunately for us, the Fringe festival was on while we were there which made going out more of a smorgasbord of amazing choices literally coming at us! After a slight hic-up in accommodation (*cough* Gesa booked it in the wrong town) we found a place that was an old church transformed into a cool and casual hostel with the ordinal church windows in our rooms.

Belford Hostel

Belford Hostel

Coming from an ironically sunny Ireland, Scotland was indeed a shock to our systems not to mention our wardrobe, I hate to admit the amount of days/nights I’ve worn the same clothes. In the Highlands it was especially cold with a nasty biting wind, I’d hate to think what winter is like! However besides the chill, every city/town we visited we managed to hear live bagpipes which maybe have felt a tad touristy but still sounded pretty awesome.

Rugged up

Rugged up

Glasgow we only had a couple days in, so it really was a whirlwind tour of sightseeing and drinking. I would like to give a special shout out to Alasdair who housed us from the cold and rain while we were there, not to mention bought us “Zombies”, some of the strongest cocktails in Glasgow!


Now THAT''S a Naan . Wiinner of "Best Scottish Curry awards..."

Now THAT”S a Naan . Wiinner of “Best Scottish Curry awards…”


The bus trip up to Inverness was beautiful, between the rain, rainbows and seeing sheep with tails, the countryside is really quite stunning, giant dwarfing hills jutting out of the ground with brooding dark clouds amongst them, mossy pine forests for miles and of course Lochs that house none other than the famous Loch Ness Monster, affectionately called Nessie.

After some debate we decided to shell out and go on a tour up to the Isle of Skye which was definitely worth it and I would recommend to you all. The photos don’t quite capture how amazing it is up there, with the purple heather covering the hills, the pointy mountains and dark blue Lochs, you can feel it’s a special place. 


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