Beer gardens, bunnies and bratwurst



After changing trains about three times, we had to show our ticket to yet another set of officials. By this stage I had the “what the hell do you want from me now” look on my face, but as it turned out we were at the Netherlands/Germany boarder and they were policemen. Woops. But my bitch face must have looked convincingly German as I didn’t even need to show any type of identification, and onwards we went to Munster, a small town in the north.

Germany was a noticeable few degrees warmer then Holland which instantly lifted our sprits as we tried to convince ourselves that the rain would only last this one day. Munster was a beautiful old city with big grand concrete churches, little streets and high end stores with leather bags, shoes and jackets. We spent the day tasting German treats and popping seeds like children by the river bank.


Gesa’s lovely friend Khadija offered her lovely apartment for us to stay in for two nights, so I want to say a big thank you and for taking us to the best pizza place in town!

Now with my own personal German speaking tour guide we set off for Berlin. The first thing I liked about Berlin was that the clouds opened up and let the sun shine on down. Basking in the hot sun, I discovered the second thing I like about Berlin…Shopping!

Yummy Turkish lunch

Yummy Turkish lunch

I was surprised at how green this city was, and apparently it’s the greenest city in Germany, wild bunny rabbits included! However, must admit I found the fact that there was no city centre in Berlin, that it’s incredibly flat and the fact I can’t walk everywhere, hard to compute. But after treating ourselves to a cocktail in a swanky high rise building bar, I really got to see how sprawled the city really is. My confusion over the urban jungle geography was soon detracted by a classic ‘Berliner’ late night kebab that was well worth the 20 min line wait.






**Plans to visit the South of Germany were abruptly changed as my travel buddy had to suddenly pull out, leaving me somewhat feeling lost and confused. But once I had screwed my head back on and realised that this could in fact be a good thing, we then headed out for my first proper night out in Berlin…


East side gallery, Berlin wall

East side gallery, Berlin wall


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