And I quote “I’m in F*cking Harry Potter world”

Firstly to ease the confusion of many, I have moved to London but have been staying with a family friend up in Cambridge for the last two weeks while I apply for jobs, flats etc with the odd day trip into London for interviews and the like. But I’m sure you will hear more about all the boring life admin stuff from me over the next weeks. Right now I’m here to talk to you about the magnificent city of Cambridge.

Cambridge was founded in the 1st century and evidence of its history is around every corner! Now it’s more popularly known as the University town and where if you are lucky enough to be accepted, your degree will be held in great prestige (however after a night out on the town I wouldn’t go to say that all the people that live here comprise of great stature…).


It’s a very pretty city, with medieval towers and arched windows, old sweet shops filled with jars of lollies like something straight out of Willy Wonker. The River Cam flows through the middle of this all, making for not only a very picturesque scene, but also a lovely punting trip through the back of all the grand university grounds.



My first week here I found myself at old stone pubs where I ate guinea fowl and pork belly pie, fish and chips, and drank apple cider and wine. Fortunately the temperature here is still warm (ish) but I can imagine that this place become truly magical when it begins to snow and it already really does look like a set off Harry Potter, especially at night when the buildings are lit from the bottom with a warm yellow light, casting eerie shadows over each other.

One afternoon I was taken to the Wren Library built in 1676 and situated in the Trinity Collage grounds. This amazing library, with its checked floored and glass cabinets, held some of the world’s greatest and most priceless original manuscripts and books such as; “…early Shakespeare editions; many books from Sir Isaac Newton’s own library, the Rothschild collection of 18th century English literature and A.A. Milne’s manuscripts of Winnie-the-Pooh and The house at Pooh Corner.”. Unfortunately they FORBID you to take photos in here and I had a man watching me very closely as I must have had that “I’m going to sneak a photo anyway” glint in my eye.


(Photo sourced from internet)

I was fortunate enough to have my lovely dear friend Kate come and visit me in the weekend, we gallivanted through the markets and cafes, explored the nightlife and cruised on the river. For dinner we were taken out to the famous pub The Eagle were the discovery of DNA was first publically announced by Frances Crick and James Watson (good name) on February the 28th, 1953

“We have discovered the secret of life”


We got the prime seat at the DNA table, were they actually sat!

It’s been a great two weeks here, however it is starting to feel a little small and most of the beautiful places here are very exclusive with large “Students only” signs. So I’m going back London, back to the 8 million people crawling around the city, back to the new and exciting life I plan to build!

Oh and here’s to new stationary!

photo (3)

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