A post so jolly it will make your belly jelly and your knees wobble.

My first Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere…. I would have thought that the fact it’s winter AND coming up to Christmas it would feel strange and unnatural much like it does to many UK ex pat’s spending their festivities in the hot sun. But it doesn’t, in fact it feels… right. I’m sure that’s because NZ fills their shop windows with themes of winter wonderlands and cosy indoor dinners! Or perhaps because most of the television we get is from the northern hemisphere, showing families huddled around a fire drinking egg nogg.

As I kid I dreamed of having a white Xmas, being surrounded by fairy lights, street vendors selling hot nuts and skipping through carnival playgrounds wrapped up in thick winter jackets…. well now its a reality! (minus the snow) Among the brick alleyways and green parks, I shall put aside my aversion to how ridiculous all the advertising and pressure to overspend all just for ONE day of the year, and enjoy the merriment.

The following photos are just a taste of what London has to offer and it is simply amazing.

P1020958 P1020960 P1020961 P1020964 P1020967 P1020968 P1020970bb P1020988 P1030112bb P1030118 P1030119 P1030123 P1030125 P1030129 P1030132 P1030138 P1030139 P1030142bbb P1030143 P1030147 P1030149bb P1030151 P1030154 photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)n


Unfortunately when I went to Winter Wonderland I forgot my camera… but here are some borrowed images to give you an idea….

image video-undefined-235E5B3A00000578-281_638x376 winter-wonderland1 wwwheel

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