Morocco – Part Two – Agadir

The three hour bus journey to the coast was really pretty, you could see the snowy mountains lining the desert roads with the occasional blue water lagoon. The coastal town of Agadir had a long stretch of beach with beautiful golden sand and mountains that framed the ocean. On the mountains they have illuminated lights that translate to “God, Nation, King” a popular  slogan in Morocco and other Muslim countries. At night the writing looked so magical against the sunset and palm trees, and made a perfect backdrop as we enjoyed fresh seafood and lazy long dinners.

The first day we were there, gale force winds blew clouds and sand across the sky making the long walk on the beach somewhat less enjoyable, and more of a battle. But luckily our hotel was more sheltered so we could do the tourist thing of lying on a sun lounger pool side. And that we did, for two more days. It was amazing.

On our second day we decided to take a break from the strenuous task of sunbathing to explore Agadir’s Souks. These ones were more local and had a big selection of fresh fruits and piles of sky high vegetables. There were women hunched over  making almond butter with their hands and there was your typical sales man rubbing ‘essence of Jasmine’ on parts of your arm. I was given some free “lipstick” that was a small terracotta pot with some sort of red pigment inside which actually works quite well and after a couple hours of haggling our way through the endless stalls, we bought some nuts and peaches and headed back to our beloved suntrap to relax the afternoon away.

We loved it on the coast and wished we had more time to explore neighbouring towns as well as squeeze in a camel safari but with only 6 days up our sleeves we didn’t have much room to work with. But satisfied with our relaxing 3 days we got back onto the bus and headed back to crazy Marrakech, back to clear skies and back to that dry 30 degree heat.

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