Morocco Part 3- Back to Marrakesh

The bus ride was even more beautiful as the clouds had cleared, making way for the snowy mountains to be seen in the far distance. Back in Marrakech we stopped by a roof top café before dropping our bags off and fortunately we were just in time for the sunset and dusk prayers.

After we dropped our bags off and ate some authentic Moroccan Tagines and couscous to live music on another roof top bar. Feeling relaxed yet sad that the next day was the last of our little getaway, we decided to have an early one as the next day was packed full of adventures.

The last day we decided to visit the Yves St Laurent Gardens, which was like a beautiful cactus filled oasis in the middle of the crazy town. It had deep blues and bright yellow pots placed next to plants from all over the world. The garden itself was designed and maintained by Yves St Laurent and countries to be a popular tourist destination since it was made public.

Back in the main square again we watched the snake charmers and tooth collectors go about their day. We drank freshly squeezed orange juice and watched the world go by under the hot sun. After getting a few last minute things from the souks we missioned off to find the infamous tanneries. Little did we know that the afternoon wasn’t the best time to see this, OR that it would smell so bad they had to give you a “gas mask” aka fresh mint to sniff and you walked through.

Six days was nowhere near enough time to explore what Morocco has to offer! I would love to see more of the coast and desert. I don’t think I would be rushing back to Marrakech in a hurry though, as beautiful as parts of it was, the amount of hassling you get makes the process of sightseeing exhausting, more so then I’ve ever experience… and I’ve been places!

So into more adventure, next big one planned is two weeks in Italy in July! Until then bit of sightseeing around England me thinks.





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P1030545 P1030566

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