This is Auckland.

My trip home to Auckland was haze of coffees, beaches and bush walks. When your living away from home you think you have a pretty good idea of the things that you miss about your country, but its not until you come back that all those lovely things that you once took for granted really stand out.

The first thing I noticed was the fresh air, I could smell the freshly cut grass, the sea and the hot tarmac sizzling under my feet. Secondly, was the chorus of cicadas buzzing away in all the trees, bushes and the one that decided my face was a good place to call home (yes Cicadas I can scream louder than you).

After living in London for 1.5 years you get use to being around millions of people and seeing a lot of brick. Brick houses, brick shops, exposed brick, painted brick. They sure do love a bit of brick, so seeing our iconic wooden villas again was a refreshing treat, as was sitting on an empty train. The fact that most public transport in Auckland now stops at 11pm is another story…

So how was our holiday?! What DID we actually do? i know a lot of people felt that spending such a vast majority of it in Auckland meant we were missing out on the beauty NZ has to offer, but apart from seeing friends and family, Auckland has a huge diverse array of things and places you can go and see:

You can climb one of our 50 volcanoes…

file1You can visit a vineyard on an island…




file2You can go to the beach…



file-2You can boat around the city, grab a coffee and explore old war tunnels…

file3 (1)

file1 (1)

file2 (1)

file (3)

file3 (2)


file5You can go on bush walks through native forests…

file (2)

file (1)You can enjoy the Arts and nightlife…




So there it is, so many lovely people and wonderful places to see with so little time. Next time I intend to stay for longer get some real quality time in with everyone. Although its sad to say goodbye again, there are so many things I still have to do in big ole London!

Watch this space for photos from our wee trip to Queenstown as well!


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