Paris in the Rain

A couple weeks ago we set off on our early summer weekend away, with visions of wining and dinning in the warm Parisian breeze… however the beginning of the June floods had just begun, the river Seine was beginning to Burst its banks and I had been overcome by the flu. However we still managed to climb half way up the Eiffel Tower, devour a smorgasbord of maroons, saw a very seductive cabaret show and of course nibbled on some garlic butter snails.

However, my flu got the best of me the day we were suppose to visit the Lourve and had to opt for a day of napping and eating pastries (its hard life). The next day we found an excellent rainy day activity, visiting the Palace of Versallies, a wonderful magical place with a hall of mirrors and decadent furnishings literally fit for a king.

Although the trip didn’t go quite as planned, Paris still lived up to its reputation as being a beautiful city, which I will have to revisit one sunny weekend!













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